Soap Challenge- DNA/Helix Swirl

I joined the Soap Challenge Club in hopes of expanding my swirling techniques and what I discovered was amazing. This month’s challenge tested my expertise with the DNA/Helix Swirl which I have not heard of prior to this month. It is a variation of the Taiwan swirl, which is one that I have heard of but have not attempted.

I began with my current soap recipe, which even though it contains around 90% hard oils, it is slow to trace. This would give me plenty of time to accomplish this swirl without it becoming too thick. I selected one of my favorite scents, Black Raspberry Vanilla. Not only because it smells scrumptious, but because it is well behaved in that it doesn’t accelerated trace or discolor the final product. Don’t want discoloration to affect the hard earned swirls. I wanted my colors to be the same ones that I use for this scent in other soaps and those are black, pink, purple and white. I thought it would make a dramatic looking swirl.

I decided to use a mold that dear hubby made me years ago (and never used…lol). I watched the videos that Amy (our club leader) put up for us and was wondering what I was going to use for the bottles. I bought some a long time ago, but they were huge and now are the homes for some of my specialty oils. I brainstormed and figured that I could use piping bags with the small round tips to lay my rows of colors. I was amazed at how well they worked. The batter was thin, but I squeezed the end up with my fingers as I moved from line to line. I learned long ago to think outside the box and use what I had at home.

Now it was time to grab the chopstick and go to town. I loved the effect that the first pass created and might just have to use that one alone in the future. Easy Peasy. Ok now I had to make the “s” patterns and even though I thought I would mess this part up, I was literally shocked as I just started doing it without even thinking. I didn’t even have to practice on the sheet Amy provided for us.

brv for challenge
Fresh soap in the mold

Cut and beveled bars
…and more bars

Thank you Amy for allowing me to join your club challenge and for teaching me a gorgeous swirl. Can’t wait for next month’s challenge!


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