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I met Kris from Kayorcee Creations by watching her videos on YouTube. She shares her products with all of us and I have to say that my two favorite videos are when NaturalProductslogoshe taught us how to make our own silicone molds and when she displays her scoopable soy wax dessert melts. First I tried the silicone and it was a flop. Not because of Kris, but because I didn’t follow her directions correctly. I will definitely be trying this again, for anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my embeds. The dessert melts literally made my mouth water while I was watching. I am a sweets fanatic and have the waistline to prove it. Anyway, let’s get to know Kris…….

Shampoo Bars

What motivates you and what doesn’t?  Motivation is the key for my work with Kayorcee Creations. It is the one thing that gets me moving. If I am not motivated to create something, it simply does not get done.

Talking to people about skin issues and the benefits of a natural product motivates me like crazy. I am constantly thinking of ingredients to use in my products and the benefits of those ingredients. I love working with herbs and tinctures, so when I find a new herb that address a skin issue, I go in. I start thinking about how I can incorporate it in my line. A lot of my new customers come to me for pretty products; however, it’s the health benefits of the product that really gets me moving. 

Sugar Scrub Face Cleansing Cream Soap

There is a flip side to this as well. I get really frustrated when people want something from Kayorcee Creations that they have seen somewhere else. I am not motivated to recreate something that someone else did. I know what it takes to create something and to take someone’s idea and reproduce it is not very respectful to the art. What we do is art, and if someone creates something fabulous, patronize them and support their efforts. I will not recreate anything that didn’t come artistically from me. It’s just not right. 

Tell us about your soap. Kayorcee Creations soaps are first created with a formula that will enhance the health of the skin. 99% of my soaps are vegan. There is a soap that I made with honey from a farm not too far from my house especially for a friend. This honey is absolutely the purest honey I have ever used. I never intended to sell this soap. However, my friend is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She absolutely loves her Honey Bee Soap.

Honey Bee Soap
Honey Bee Soap

She gives it to people as gifts. She chunks off pieces and pass the samples to her dermatologist. She claims that she has stopped using medicated soaps and creams to ease her skin issues. The doctor orders and re-sales the soap to his patients. I received so many orders for this particular bar of soap that it has become a main stay in my line. I do not advertise it because I can’t keep it in stock. 

My other soaps typically stem from 2 different recipes. I use to soap with a number of recipes. I was going crazy trying to keep track. A customer would buy soap with one recipe and repurchase only to get a soap that was different, but looked the same. The customer knows the difference. As a result, I worked on my recipes and came up with two that fits the bill for the Kayorcee Creations Line.
What do you make besides soap? This may be hard to believe, but soap is not my main selling product. I have built my business around skin and hair care. I have a complete skin care line that includes face washes, makeup remover, toners, serums, moisturizers and decadent creams. These items are created for different skin types. I believe that the skin needs to be treated well. In order to do that, you need to get to know your skin and give it what it needs. 
face care
Face Care Line
My hair care line is burgeoning. I have been able to create an all-natural liquid shampoo with herbal infusions that treat the follicles and scalp for different hair types and scalp issues. In addition to the shampoo, I have been able to create a host of product that maintains hair health. My hands down best seller is my Hair Conditioning and Moisturizing Cream which is a leave in product. I think the key to this product that the customer likes is the fact that is light but very effective. 
Monkey Pie scoopable wax melt
Candle-like products are a not too distant third in the hierarchy of my line. Like with most of my more pretty products, people are first attracted to the look of the item. I like to make dessert candles that resemble real food items. People get so fascinated by the look that often times it seems as if they could care less about the qualities of a good candle. They aren’t concerned, in the moment, with the scent throw, or how the wax burns/melts. They aren’t concerned with the eco-friendly materials I use or the price of the item. It is not until later when they get the candle home and start to use it that they find out that the candle is really a quality product. So many people email me about how wonderful their homes smell and how long the scent lasts. I also get newbie candle makers contacting me to find out how I bond my fragrance to the wax to get such an effective throw. 
Watermelon scoopable wax melt
What is your most popular soap and scent? I would have to say that my most popular soap is the Honey Bee soap that I previously mentioned. It doesn’t have a scent except for the scent of the honey. I would consider this a best seller because it is most often purchased in bulk. 
However, from a true individual customer buying perspective, I think my best seller is a soap I made for my cousin Trevin. It is a masculine soap. I scented it with a custom Kayorcee Creation Blend. It has a nostalgic 70’s scent from the Disco era. It is a manly scent with a bit of femininity traces infused. Men and women buy and use this bar. I wouldn’t call it a unisex soap, but it’s not up to me how and who uses the products I sell. I’m just pleased it is well received.
Facial Toners
What is the most rewarding aspect of running the business? The most rewarding aspect of running the business has absolutely nothing to do with business. I love being able to think outside of the box. I love creating things. This business allows me to do this freely. It is so wonderful to look at the things I create and be able to say everything about my products from the ingredients down to the containers are carefully considered for a purpose. Now, every product I create isn’t a winner, but creating it gives me that winning feeling. I absolutely love that. I’m an end-product junkie. 
How do you keep your customers satisfied? I try to be very accessible to my customers. I spend time with them answering questions and taking their suggestions. It’s funny to me when someone calls my business line and they get me on the phone. Most times they are taken back at the fact that I encourage them to ask questions. I treat my customers like family. Each one is special to me no matter how much they spend. I really mean that. I want them to know that the Kayorcee Creation experience cannot be purchased. I want my customer to feel like they not only purchased a product, but they have become a member of the Kayorcee Creation family. This may sound contrived, but it couldn’t be further from that. 
Cream Soap Facial Cleanser
Did you at times want to give up as it just got all too hard (and how did you overcome this)? At the beginning of my journey, I never wanted to sell anything. I started creating natural products for my immediate family. I was creating so much that I had a surplus that my family couldn’t possible use up. At that point, I started giving the products to my friends and extended family. They came back for more and soon my surplus was no longer a problem. In fact, I was running low on some things we needed. My friends and family figured if they paid me for the products they could get them more frequently. They were right. 
During this time I was very happy with my small business. It wasn’t until I started thinking like a business woman who my joy became affected. I wanted to sell more stuff. My definition of success was being altered by the bottom line and the assessment of sales. I started doing things, like creating soaps and products that I saw other people making but putting my spin on it. I was making loaf after loaf of soaps that I thought people wanted. Soap makers that I admired like Kia from Petals Bath Boutique, Dannie from Nature Essence Soaps, and Karen from Eden Secret were making and selling beautiful soaps effortlessly. They were selling out even before the soaps had finished curing. I wasn’t so lucky. I became so frustrated. I realized that I wasn’t being successful because the items I was making has absolutely no purpose to my business model. I was trying to do what others was doing and that wasn’t my style. I admired these women and they worked hard for their success, how dare I think I could simply ride their wave because I knew how to make soap? It was more to it than that. They had purpose in the products they were making and that is why I feel they are successful. I stopped doing that and I started doing my thing. I think that made all the difference. Being true to myself and my brand is what I think makes me successful. I could never sell another product and I would be just as successful, because I can really be proud of what I do. 
Fizzy Bath Bombs
Where can your products be found? I can be found on my website: I am also being featured by a company name Kolour Conscious. They offer subscription boxes of sample items from different companies. I’m very excited about this collaboration. I also have an Instagram account where you can see pictures of my latest creations: Kayorcee_Creations.
Thank you Kris for the opportunity to hear your story. I love the looks of all your products and I send you best of wishes for your business.
Next up is Monica of TG Bears.

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