That looks good enough to eat!

That is what I hear all the time, especially when it comes to my cupcakes and cake slices along with “that looks like fudge”.  That would be great to hear if you could actually eat it, but these treats are not meant for your mouth or your tummy. They are pure soap.

Queen of de Nial
Queen of de Nial

Why do I make these soapy treats? Well, for one, they are a blast to make. I enjoy making these more than anything. I don’t enjoy making the real desserts as much as these and my boys can attest to that. My mouth literally waters at times, especially when smelling and looking at a Lime Margarita cake. Oh did I mention that sweets are my downfall? Yes, the more icing on a cake or cupcake the better.


lime marg cake
Lime Margarita

Another reason is that my customers love them as not only do they buy them for themselves, but they are great unique gifts. Tell me, when was the last time you got a dessert soap shaped for a gift? Yes, I thought so.

sparkling mojito cups
Sparkling Mojito

I just wish these were around when I was younger and eating soap (by my mother’s Of course, I probably would have sounded like a sailor if they were.

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