Twelve Months of Blogger Reviews

My brain never stops and once again I came up with an idea of how to better get our products shown to more people over more computer screens and mobile phones. What I have discovered in the past is that I LOVE to share my products with others and LOVE to hear how much they LOVE them. (Yes, I AM full of a lot of LOVE).vintage_bathroom_art_bubble_bath_print-r4330d81012b34fb5ad0c5e175e8c1b41_tzt5_8byvr_512












So to accomplish this, I am in search of twelve experienced bloggers that not only love to write, but love to review bath and body products. I have a few very talented bloggers that I have worked with in the past and am relying on them to help me start my mission.

If anyone reading this has an established and followed blog, let me know if you would be interested to join us. oh, did I mention that I would like to have themed months also, depending on what is going on that month? Oh another thing, I am going to be offering the blogger hostesses a discount code for their wonderful readers so they can enjoy the products also. I am sorry, but due to high international shipping rates, I can only take US bloggers for this one.

I look forward to hearing from you…

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