What does Autumn mean to you?

To me, it means cooler weather (thank goodness), comfort foods, high school football games, warm cozy hoodies and awesome scents that encompass your home. Those scents can come from foods like homemade apple pie and other sweets and breads and hearty entrees such as chili and stew. Other aromas can come from tart warmers and candles as in the very popular candle scents of apple and pumpkin goodness. What could be more comforting that all of those? I personally love to use bath products to indulge my whole body into this wonderful yumminess. Okay so that is not a word, but isn’t it fun to say?

I begin my fall days with a soap scented in either pumpkin, apple or some sort of outdoors scent such as pine, fir or balsam. I like to really bring the outdoors inside of my bath and really get into seasonal scents. Pumpkin with spices such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg is my absolute favorite of all time.pumpkin-clipart

Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti artisan soap

Next up, while still in the shower, is a sugar scrub. One of my personal favorites this season (and year round) is our Coffee & Sugar Body Polish. This one is great on my skin as it has a nice strong espresso coffee scent along with fresh ground coffee added along side the sugar. If you have never tried a sugar scrub before, you have no idea what you are missing. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and also turns into a lotion, leaving the skin nice and soft. I use my daily and have a number of them in the shower at all times. I never know what mood I will be in that day. Try one out, but be prepared to be hooked.

coffee sugar scrub 1.jpg
Coffee & Sugar Body Polish

You may think that is all, but you would be mistaken. Even though the body polish leaves your skin lotion like, I still like a little more added boost to start my day. After toweling off, I then apply a spritz of our Perfume Oil Mist to finish off the morning skin prepping ritual. These little wonders are simply body oil consisting of light fractionated coconut oil along with some skin-loving silicones to allow the oil to  quickly dry and to impart a silky feeling to the skin afterwards. These are small enough to take with you in your purse or pocket for a quick refresher throughout the day.

Perfume Oil Mist


No matter what products you prefer and use, make sure that you are taking the best care of your skin and please read the labels on those products. Become educated to what the ingredients do that are on those labels. Your skin is the biggest organ and if you take care to treat your insides by watching what you eat and drink, why not do it on the outsides too?

So here you have my daily routine that begins at 5 am every day of the week. Okay, slighter later on the weekends. What routine do you start your day with?

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