A Whimsical Type of Day

I was asked by one of my wholesale customers to create some whimsical cupcakes for some of her customers. She proceeded to give me some great ideas and I spent days designing in my head, and even some on paper, of what these cupcakes would look like. I decided to make some soap and form my own embeds out of them, so I needed to get this done prior to starting the actual batches.

I started with some unicorn horns and ears.

horn and ears

Then, about a week later, I dove into the actual making of the cupcakes. I decided to make them all white and add the horn and ears. I then had an idea of making bright-colored hair as I have seen in some pictures. I added black lines further down to resemble closed eyes, and this is what they look like in the mold.

in the mold

The soap batter set up fast and the hair didn’t turn out like I wanted. One thing that I will do next time is make the cupcakes along with inserting the horn and ears and wait for them to set up where I can pick them up and hold them to make the embellishments. Anyway, this was the first run and they are all sold already even though they need to finish curing. Stay tuned for round two coming soon…


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