Idea for New Image

When I used to do shows, I would have loved to have a dollar for how many times I have heard, “That looks good enough to eat”. I wouldn’t have to work a day job and would be able to fulfill my passion of making soap full time. Well, I have been thinking a long time of a catchy tag-line and something that would set me apart from every other soap maker out there. Today as I was thinking of designs for some new bubble bars, it hit me. I would continue to make the yummy looking skin treats in forms of our favorite cakes, cookies, ice cream etc. Everything that would prove that they “look good enough to eat”.

Lemon Sugar Bubble Scoop

So I am now tasked with just the right terminology to use. I was thinking of “Skin-Loving Treats that Look Good Enough to Eat”. Opinions or Suggestions?

Orange you Sweet Soap Cupcakes

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